Murakami pops our cherry.

Our first post on this blog is a brief review of the artist behind our current banner, Takashi Murakami. His work is showing at the MOCA Contemporary in downtown LA, and it was a pretty good exhibit.

One thing that stood out to me was the Louis Vuitton sales people near the beginning of the show. It was a really awkward idea, and none of Murakami’s LV pieces were interesting or noteworthy. Even the sales girl said she felt ridiculous.

The best stuff there were the massive figures in the centers of some of the rooms. They were like modern Easter Island heads, but way more interesting. He also did some huge canvasses and some really neat characters sitting atop old-school Japanese wave woodcut imagery.

Murakami piece

There was also a video exhibit with a 10 minute video clip of a kids’ show he made (it was excellent, and really endearing) and his video for Kanye’s “Good Morning.” (also fantastic). Here’s a totally shady youtube of ‘ye’s new vid:

All in all, it was totally worth seeing, esp. for $5. Careful, one of the rooms was pretty visually intense, so don’t go on a full stomach.



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