robert byrd-athon!

Update: Andrew informs me that Robert Byrd is the only US Senator still in the Senate who voted on the admission of Alaska and Hawaii to the union. That is completely ridiculous.

Robert Byrd, Democratic Senator from West Virginia, is incredibly old. Evidently, with age comes great you-tube clips of him going crazy all the time. Here are some of his best moments:

Barbaric! (Byrd on dogfighting)


Exhausted, presumably after hours of fighting (see above) he naps while Harry Reid takes over

Now, on a less serious note: Byrd visits Marshall University to celebrate his appropriation of 30 something million dollars towards I don’t even know what. The speech slowly derails as he begins to ad-lib, yell hallelujah, and throw his arms in all directions.

He also engaged in a coot off with Ted Stevens, took on Code Pink protestors, and spent thirteen minutes (part 1, part 2) defending his old age on the senate floor. This one is amazing for the fact that he reads a prepared speech of what appears to be a hundred or so pages. After a few minutes you realize that there are only maybe 8 huge words on each page. Its really the piece de resistance of the Robert Byrd Anthology.


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