Nasir Jones, meet Bob James.

Bob, Nasir. Nasir, Bob.

Bob James is an interesting dude. He’s got a very unique style of jazz, and one that has been particularly amenable to sampling. So its no surprise that King E came along and remixed him with Nas. The album is called Bob’s Son, and I have no idea who King E is or when he made it, but its a fun trip.

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(Cop the album and its art after the cut)

Remixes are useful in two ways…

1. When they cut a strong artist’s tendency to go too far down the rabbit hole.

For example, 50 cent has ridiculous lyrics and music to match. For me, its too much. Thats why I enjoyed the remix album that was made with Queen. Same thing with a guy like Pharell. When he’s in charge of too much of an album (N.E.R.D, In My Mind) he just goes too far for me. But when he works with the Clipse, only providing beats, he really complements an album and I can appreciate him a lot better.

Nas isn’t the kind of artist who, when in total control of his work, is less accessible. So he falls into category 2:

2. When they make you listen twice.

If all a remix does is make you listen to a rapper in a second time, its still worth it. Even better is when a remix makes you listen to a rapper’s lyrics in a new way. Best is when you hear new things, or a get a second feel for the track. Maybe I can listen to “I Can” only in some situations (now I almost never listen to it, but I gotta admit it was poppin’ when I was a boy). But the Bob James spin? I can listen to that anytime.

Anyways, thats what I think makes for a good remix.

cop the album



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