Sharon Jones picked it up, laid it in the cut.

Its been over a week now, but I wanted to wait on a Sharon Jones review until I had some bonus stuff to post with it. Ms. Jones and the fabulous Dap Kings played the El Ray last Tuesday, not so much giving us a concert as giving us a party (Oliver Wang of Soul-Sides opened with a great DJ set). Jones is infectiously energetic; she was having so much fun on stage that I couldn’t help but think back to the story of how she got here. Sharon was rejected by the music industry in the seventies, first for being too short, then later for being too old. Years later, after working security at a prison and a bank, she got her shot. You can tell that she, more so than most, really appreciates every minute of the experience.

Speaking of that bonus, here’s a link to the Daptone remix album that recently dropped (Daptone is the record label for the Sharon and, as you can guess, the Dap Kings).

For those interested, the album art is under the cut.


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