Dali the man, the myth, the mustache

Salvador Dali

Dalí: Painting & Film at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Exhibit Ends January 6th!

I recently had the opportunity to go visit the new Salvador Dali exhibit at the LACMA. The exhibit is a collection of Dali’s most famous works in painting, sculpture, and film. There was also a small section of the museum dedicated to his influence on pop culture.

Before I went to the exhibit I honestly didn’t know that Dali was so influential in early film (And I call myself an art fan?). I had always just been intrigued by the vague imagery and intense surrealism in his paintings, but never anything about his films. It turns out that the films were my favorite part of the exhibit!

The most impressive film I saw was a screening of a movie that Dali made in conjunction with Walt Disney called Destino. The movie is honestly worth the price of admission. As soon as I walked into the room my eyes were drawn to the screen and I couldn’t break away. Scene after scene was a brilliant combination of animation and mystique as the main character floats through a dream. I tried finding this movie online to buy it or at least rent it, but it has never been released! The movie has been complete for years, but the people at Disney refuse to release it. This is reason enough to make your way down Wilshire and buy a ticket.

Here is a video montage that showcases the Dali works at the exhibit:

Dali is one of my favorite artists and this exhibit definitely did not disappoint. The cost of the exhibit was around $15. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, art fan or not, but you need to hurry because the exhibit leaves January 6th!


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