Primary Preview – Republicans

Iowa is fast approaching, so its a good idea to catch up on the most interesting candidates. Republicans today, Democrats tomorrow.

Romney: Took a big hit during Huckabee’s rise and is now backpedaling on his expected results. He may still get a good vote total while Thompson continues to fade away and Guliani continues to focus on other states. His lead in New Hampshire will dwindle if he can’t finish well in Iowa.

More candidates after the break…

McCain: Big endorsement from the Des Moines Register, he has shot at finishing well in Iowa and setting up a huge finish in New Hampshire. In NH, he stands to gain the most from Romney’s failures since he is currently in second place. Also got an endorsement from Joe Lieberman.

Huckabee: He’s had a huge boom, but there may be pitfalls. He has very little money and campaign organization, but its building every day. The speed and quality with which he builds this structure will be very important to his long-term success. Also, Huckabee has a ton of ghosts in his closet that will eventually be used against him. The only question is when, because his opponents will want to use them when they’ll have the most effect.

Giuliani: Giuliani has stuck to the idea that Republican voters will be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, and has decided to be the gum. He’s written off the early primaries and has focused his efforts on Florida and beyond, where he has a substantially better chance of winning states. Recently, he pulled ads from NH in order to continue saving resources for the states he’s likely to do best in.

Ron Paul: $6 million single day haul gives him a lot of ammunition to keep campaigning in the early primary states. His supporters might be likely to switch to McCain should he drop out, but word has it that he’ll enter the election as a 3rd party candidate if he doesn’t win the Republican nomination.


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