Primary Preview Update

Updates from the Boston Globe:

Republicans: In New Hampshire, John McCain is drawing ever closer to Mitt Romney. McCain is at 25% of likely voters, Romney at 28%. Rudy “I never saw a woman’s dress I couldn’t fit into Giuliani now sits at 14%. McCain may be benefiting from Giuliani’s decision to pull more advertising and focus on Florida, and if so, its a big mistake on Giuliani’s part, he could be helping McCain set up a strong callenge to his Feb 5th strategy. If McCain does well in Iowa and continues his NH surge, he could be set up very well for the nomination.

Democrats: Similarly, Obama (30%) has taken a slim lead over Clinton (28%) in New Hampshire. Either this is an echo of his Iowa bounce, or its an independent result that will hold up regardless of what happens in Iowa. Personally, I think the former is more likely, and in my opinion, it goes to show the true strength of Iowa. Clinton was foolish to think she could survive there without making it the focus of her campaign, since every vote in Iowa seemingly translates to a vote in New Hampshire, and will undoubtedly have a snowball effect on other states.



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