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Oh, the NBA…

Where else could the 9th seed in one conference be the 4th seed in another?

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Some thoughts on Al Gore and Barack Obama.

Sometimes, silence can speak volumes.

Al Gore can’t publicly endorse Barack Obama. Its virtually unthinkable that he would publicly do that because it would be such a slap in the face to what essential amounts to his political family. But, by not doing anything he essentially says that he doesn’t support Hillary for President. There’s a case to be made that by not saying anything at all, Gore is giving Obama a silent endorsement. But because he can’t publicly endorse Obama we’ll never know for sure.

I can say this though, his silence has really spared Obama what would have been a devastating blow.

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Web Round-up

Nothing to do on the internet? I have some links that might entertain you:

1. Naked Man Ad Riles Hub Catholics – This article isn’t anything special, but you should check out the advertisement it is referring to…hilarious. By the way, when did nuns become hot 20-somethings with artistic talent?

2.  ASUS preps $500 ‘iMac killer’ Eee PC desktop – You might be thinking: why do I care about Eee PC? We’re on the same same page. I think the phrase, **any-Apple-product*** killer, is way over used. My main reason for including this link is the picture that accompanies the article. I mean, I’ve heard of “sex sells” and all that bull shit, but come on! The woman’s breast is bigger than the entire laptop. Not to mention the picture of her hand is so muscular and veiny, she might as well be a lumberjack. Man hands anyone?

3.  Vick’s Pit Bulls Will Star In Reality Show – Yes, you read that right. Three of Michael Vick’s fighting pit bulls are going to have a reality tv show about their rehabilitation. One of the often overlooked soft spots I have in my heart is for the killing machines we call pit bulls. Meanwhile, the writer’s strike is still in full swing and quality tv is no where in sight.

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Great DJ set at the Short Stop in Echo Park this Thursday night!

DJ O-Dub from Soul-Sides and DJ Murphy’s Law, from Captain’s Crate are DJ’ing once again at the Short Stop Bar in Echo Park. Its gonna be this Thursday night from 10pm-2am, at 1455 Sunset Blvd.

They had a show there a few weeks back, and it was a ton of fun. I really encourage people in the area to get out there and check it out.

here’s a link to their post about it.

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say goodbye to Rudy.

Well its all over for Rudolph Giuliani. And once again, Mitt Romney, the consummate jackass, interrupted another candidate’s concession speech to deliver his own…concession speech.

Where that leaves this race is, well, almost over. Giuliani is likely to endorse John McCain, and Romney’s second place finish yet again denies him the traction he needs to seriously challenge for the nomination.

So the worst case scenario is halfway upon us, with John McCain, the Republican Party’s most electable candidate, on the verge of winning his party’s nomination.

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Today, God’s waiting room gets to vote…

Rudy Giuliani is under 20% in his most important state, the one where he spent all his money trying to get people to remember him while a half dozen primaries dominated the media and public discourse. If he can’t turn it around, he pretty much has to drop out.

Meanwhile, Romney and McCain are essentially tied. If McCain wins it he only builds further momentum in CA, NY and NJ, Feb5th states where he is already leading. If Romney wins it, it might be more of a fight next week.

As far as I’m concerned, tonight could essentially decide the Republican nomination. If it is McCain, that only strengthens the case for Obama.

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Gnarls Barkley is back.

The Album “The Odd Couple” leaked last week. In my opinion, the hands down best track is “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul?”

TSS (The Smoking Section) is up on another leaked track, called “Run.” You need to hit up TSS to get the link, since I ain’t sheisty enough to just plain scoop their hard work.


DangerMouse and Cee-Lo will drop their second album as Gnarls Barkley sometime this year. Its mostly done, but there’s no official title or release date.

Got this from Mick Boogie’s blog. Its always a neat read.

Also, the Billboard article about the album.

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