Notes on the fallout…

1. Until now Hillary has criticized and referred to Obama from a distance. In fact, partly because Iowa appears so adverse to negative campaigning, almost all the Democratic candidates have attacked each other only in generalizations thus far.

Now, the Politico is reporting that Hillary may take a more direct approach in New Hampshire, directly targeting Obama’s experience, etc.

I suppose it was simply a matter of finding out who the frontrunner was before any other candidates began their direct attacks.

2. Romney’s spending levels are astronomical. The money he has in pocket (his own, not from fundraising) should be enough to keep him fighting just as hard throughout the next few primaries, regardless of how he fares.

3. Can the youth movement that bolstered Obama in Iowa sustain itself in New Hampshire?

4. The cynic in me wants to point out that the 2 candidates with the least substance, the most oratorical skill and the most “potential” are the ones who came out on top last night.

In an election where any reasonable Democrat would be the prohibitive favorite, maybe voters are more relaxed about taking a risk and dreaming big.

5. How much will Rudy’s predicted but still poor showing hurt him? Shouldn’t he have at least tried a little bit in these states?


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