a note on responsible journalism

Evidently, 17% of likely voters polled just before the New Hampshire Primary were undecided. The media (I was mostly watching MSNBC) focused its reporting solely on those who were decided. Thus, Obama was ascribed a solid lead when in fact, the 17% of undecided but still likely voters could swing the election in any way.

When Hillary won the state, the media’s bluff was uncovered. This bluff was the assumption that likely voters who were undecided going into the polls would not display preferences any different from those voters who were already decided.

Its irresponsible for the media to ignore the importance of undecided voters. It was also irresponsible for me to fail to consider this voting bloc as an explanation for what happened. Its a good lesson for me, a young man, to learn, but its one that has been repeated all too many times in the media.


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