Point Guards

The number of teams searching for a point guard going into the trading deadline is strikingly large. A brief review:

Eastern Conference:

Boston: would like a backup for youngster Rajon Rondo.

Orlando: unsettled but satisfactory. Together, Carlos Arroyo and Jameer Nelson are capable enough.

Washington: waiting for Gilbert Arenas to return, but playing excellent ball without him, so are they better off with a distributor type point guard?

Toronto: TJ Ford is likely to return, but if he doesn’t they’ll need a backup for Jose Calderon (also a free agent after this season)

Cleveland: no one on their roster is a legitimate point guard.

Atlanta: keeping their heads above water with Anthony Johnson, but a solid distributor type would be very valuable here.

Indiana: Tinsley needs a quality backup, especially because of his injury history.

Charlotte: Sam Vincent doesn’t like Raymond Felton as a PG, so he needs to find a new one, because Jeff McInnis should not be starting under any circumstances.

New York: Marbury doesn’t fit but can’t be moved. Nate Robinson is too small and too selfish. They need new life at this position.

Miami: Jason Williams has broken down, and Chris Quinn is not yet ready.

Western Conference:

Denver: Iverson belongs at the 2, and Chuck Atkins is not likely to play this year. Its too bad that they couldn’t afford to resign Steve Blake.

Golden State: Desperately searching for a backup PG that can be relied upon.

Houston: Rafer Alston is underwhelming. None of their backups have particularly jumped out. A ball-dominant PG and leader would be ideal here.

Clippers: Livingston is still recovering and won’t be a safe bet throughout the rest of the year. Brevin Knight is too hurt, and Sam Cassel wants to play on a contender. They need an overhaul desperately.

Seattle: Has two competent PGs, but both are only borderline starters. They need to find a good PG to help take pressure off of Kevin Durant.

So, as we can see, roughly half of the league is in serious need of a point guard. Its a crucial position as the point of attack on offense and the first line of defense on the other side. How this shakes out will be very interesting.

Also, I’d like to know if the AAU influence on basketball (making players more individualistic) has deteriorated the position so that there are precious few distributor-type players in a league which increasingly seems to need them.



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2 responses to “Point Guards

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  2. I read through the list and agreed that all of those teams need something. Although I figure maybe three of them will end up making a significant move by the trade deadline.

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