Review – Chromeo at the El Rey

Chromeo played the El Rey last night, and my buddy and I were on hand to see it. The opener was Peanut Butter Wolf, an LA DJ who now dabbles in video jockeying. His VJ set was really tight, and he definitely took the audience on a unique trip, mostly through the eighties. PBW also recently put out a little dvd of his favorite spots in Los Angeles, part of a package with Madlib and commissioned by TimeOut Los Angeles. Its a pretty neat look at some rare spots in the city.

They came out to a lot of applause and Chro-me-o, oh, oh! chants. Their fanbase is pretty enthusiastic and a few people were costumed up for the night. Dave, the lead singer, seems like he’s still new at this stuff. He managed the crowd decently, but had a poor sense of timing and couldn’t always be heard clearly over the music. I think that happens when you’re still relatively young so these kinds of things will come with practice. Evidently, they played the same venue in LA about a year before to half the crowd.

Speaking of the crowd, it was a lot of 18-24 types, but a smattering of middle aged adults. The El-Rey was packed to the gills, and the atmosphere was pretty good.

Since Chromeo is still kinda new to this, they don’t have much material out. Their set, as such, was pretty short. I think they played everything I wanted to hear in about 45 minutes, but then they started playing other popular songs that all sounded hilarious coming from Dave’s talk box. Overall it was a good show, and maybe in two years time, they’ll be back here with a new CD, some much needed stage experience, and a performance that is as awesome as their music.

Also, Dave is the brother of Kanye West’s DJ, A-Trak.


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