Weeds — Season 3


So I just finished watching season 3 of Showtime’s hit show “Weeds” and I must say that I was mildly disappointed. The witty banter and whimsical life of a suburban drug dealer seemed wholly absent. In it’s place were fifteen episodes that introduced new characters and plot lines that took the show absolutely nowhere. For example, Mary-Kate Olsen played Silas’ pot/Jesus loving girlfriend. It sounds unique, right? It would have been unique but Mary-Kate’s character came off as annoying, bearable at best. Plus, every scene she was in made me want to give alms of food to her just so she wouldn’t look so famished. In her place I would have loved to see more face time for Andy, Sanjay, and Kat. All three of those characters are well developed and have the potential to take the show to new levels. Kat is actually my favorite character on the show thus far. It is a shame that her quirky, fun-loving, schizophrenic self had to leave a few episodes into the third season. I really had high hopes for her; if we are lucky we will see more of her in season 4. Another problem I had with the third season is that Nancy Botwin transformed into this “tough” drug dealer woman who didn’t take any shit, but the writers still thought it was necessary for her to use sex to save her life on multiple occasions. I saw this as a regression from the Nancy of the first two seasons. She was no longer just a feisty single mom, but also a pathetic one who uses sex as her best defense. Here’s hoping that season 4 goes in a new direction!

Oh and just as a quick note: those of you who haven’t seen the series I recommend that you go out and buy/rent/steal seasons 1 and 2 with haste because I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. After that maybe you can watch season 3 and let me know if you also think it went in the wrong direction.


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