Mini Obama/Hillary post

I’m not as impartial as Rahim, and came across a few news elements that I thought were worth commenting on. I fully plan to do a big Obama-related column this weekend (if I have time, and I expect to), but this can serve as a launching pad for the interim.

First off, Bob Reich (Bill’s labor secretary) came out recently in criticism of President Clinton for his blatant lies during this campaign

(credit to a DailyKos thread on this issue)
To me, it’s fascinating and encouraging to see people who have connections to the Clinton Dynasty being candid and critical of the way they are running their campaign. Hillary’s misleading use of Obama’s “present” votes was appalling in the debate, but her use of it on her website the following day was even more shocking. There is NO doubt that Senator Clinton was either intentionally misleading the American people on this issue or committed gross negligence, either of which is deplorable.

The other compelling case is Lorna Brett Howard, who was a Clinton supporter but has turned towards Senator Obama for reasons she explains in this amazing YouTube video which the Obama camp would be smart to use in campaign TV ads immediately, especially in California and New York.

Here’s the video:

EDIT: Breaking today is news that Hillary (and Bill) have at least met that “slumlord” Rezco, with it potentially being much more significant than that

Take care and Vote Obama,


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