Web Round-up

Nothing to do on the internet? I have some links that might entertain you:

1. Naked Man Ad Riles Hub Catholics – This article isn’t anything special, but you should check out the advertisement it is referring to…hilarious. By the way, when did nuns become hot 20-somethings with artistic talent?

2.  ASUS preps $500 ‘iMac killer’ Eee PC desktop – You might be thinking: why do I care about Eee PC? We’re on the same same page. I think the phrase, **any-Apple-product*** killer, is way over used. My main reason for including this link is the picture that accompanies the article. I mean, I’ve heard of “sex sells” and all that bull shit, but come on! The woman’s breast is bigger than the entire laptop. Not to mention the picture of her hand is so muscular and veiny, she might as well be a lumberjack. Man hands anyone?

3.  Vick’s Pit Bulls Will Star In Reality Show – Yes, you read that right. Three of Michael Vick’s fighting pit bulls are going to have a reality tv show about their rehabilitation. One of the often overlooked soft spots I have in my heart is for the killing machines we call pit bulls. Meanwhile, the writer’s strike is still in full swing and quality tv is no where in sight.


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