Arrested Development: on the big screen

arrested development2

Rumors of an Arrested Development movie have been circling the internets for some time, but based on statements from Jason Bateman we have reason for renewed hope in seeing the Bluth family once more. Bateman confirms that creators Mitch Hurwitz and Ron Howard are contacting actors to see if getting back the Bluth’s is a possibility. With Bateman on-board thus far, we have reason to believe that the other actors will follow suit.

The movie would of course only be produced in post strike conditions so who knows if that will affect the process. Although considering how early the talks are I seriously doubt that it will.

Taking Arrested to the big screen might not be the best idea in my opinion. A big screen adaptation, would be just that, an adaptation. My only hope is that Hurwitz and Howard stick to the genius that made their show a cult classic (season 2) and not try to turn it in to a cash cow. We will be following this story closely. Check for updates in the future.


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