What We’re Reading pt. 2: The Reality Based Community

Danny and I have both had Professor Mark A.R. Kleiman for a number of public policy classes here at UCLA. The man is a freaking genius. He’s not exactly the most accessible or socially adept person, so a blog is the perfect way to keep up with what he’s thinking about. He manages the Reality Based Community with a handful of other contributors, including Jonathon Zasloff, another UCLA professor in the Law School.

Kleiman (you’ll notice, no doubt, that his initials happen to spell his first name) mainly writes about political matters and economic observations. Drug and crime policy news is always reported with interesting analysis and recently, Kleiman has taken to writing profusely about his favorite political candidate, Barack Obama.

Anyways, its a great blog and Danny and I, as well as Natasha from VGI, would highly recommend it.


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