Notes on HBO’s “The Wire”

Read this before you do anything else:

Margaret Talbot’s New Yorker Piece on David Simon

HBO’s The Wire is airing tonight, Episode 6 of Season 5.

At The Smoking Section, Matthew Mundy wrote a great piece about the show, its creator David Simon, and its fifth and final season. Mundy levies this criticism against David Simon:

The ghosts of Simon’s newspaper past also haunt and it’s here that the show has, however briefly, lost sight of the forest for the trees. The contempt Simon holds for his former editors at the Sun, John Carroll and Bill Marimow, a disdain by now legendary, permeates every scene in the newsroom. His scorn for them, which he claims results from their misplaced ardor for prizes at the expense of good journalism, threatens to overwhelm. We’re often left with one-dimensional caricatures of these editors, rather than the full-bodied complexity of the rest of the show’s cast. This is a minor gripe though, as the rest of the season – as per usual – has been superlative.

I’m not accustomed to watching it on weekly basis, but until episodes 8-10 leak online, I’ll be forced to endure seemingly endless pauses. That being said, Mundy’s article is a great way to get back in the mindset of the show.


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