MTV’s Rob and Big “do work” on our hearts

I have to admit that I am completely biased against shows on MTV. Most of them are trashy reality tv shows that make me want to cry myself to sleep at night (read: My Super Sweet Sixteen, Made, Real World, the Hills, etc). However, I stumbled upon a gem in the rough the other day: Rob and Big. The show isn’t exactly unheard of, but in case you don’t know it is about professional skater Rob Dyrdek and Christopher “Big Black” Boykin. I originally thought that the show was going to be the been-there-done-that kind of comedy, but I was pleasantly surprised to be completely wrong. Rob and Big is original. At several points in the 3rd season I was literally crying I was laughing so hard! In my favorite episode thus far “Meaty Goes to Hollywood” Rob and Big try to get their faces on a Kashi cereal box, but when they get the cold shoulder they dress up as women and create their own cereal called “Special Buddies.” Who do they think they are Rudy Giuliani?

New episodes premiere Tuesdays at 10:30pm on MTV, but if you are new to the show you can find all episodes (even from past seasons) here for the low, low price of $free.99


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