Who’d be Hillary or Obama’s running mate?

Update: Also, Tom Daschle would be a great fit, he’s a great negotiator and would really help Obama secure congressional support for his ideas.

Given that they wouldn’t pick each other, Hillary and Obama both have a lot of interesting choices for running mates.

Jim Webb – Good choice for Hillary as a strong balancing figure and a hawk to run against McCain. For Barack, not so much. He’s too much of a hawk, doesn’t fit the change platform, and isn’t exactly an uplifting guy.

Mark Warner – He’d be a great choice for either candidate, if they could convince him not to run for Senate in Virginia.

Bob Kerrey – President of the New School, is being lobbied to run for a Senate seat. He’s fiery and would deflect a lot of flak from the candidate, but he’s not exactly flashy or anything. Not a bad choice for either, I guess.

Bill Richardson – Bad choice for both. Bad debater, can’t think on his feet, not particularly knowledgable about anything, etc.

John Edwards – He’s not a bad choice, but I just think people are over him…

Kathleen Sebelius and Janet Napolitano are other good choices. Sebelius, in particular, is an up and coming governor.

Wesley Clark would work for Clinton, Joe Biden would be a great fit for Obama, and Elliot Spitzer would be interesting, too, but maybe a better choice for Attorney General.


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