What We’re Reading: Hey, Be Us!

Hey, Be Us! is the new project by Natasha (of Valley Girl Intelligentsia) and some of her friends. Its less than a week old, but absolutely hilarious already. Just check out this post on Facebook and politics. Here’s an excerpt:

Facebook is not an I.V. into every young person’s hopes and aspirations (catheter, maybe). It is far from a political gauge or mobilizing force. Though the number of kids holding membership to political groups is high, it does not signify poll data. Or a well-informed, intelligent, politically-inspired youth. Any one who actually has a facebook account knows that its sloppy, silly journalism to include “group membership” in any type of news report.

And judging from some of the facebook groups we’ve gathered, we’d rather these “youth voters” keep their sweaty paws gripped around a Wii controller than come anywhere near the voting booth.


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