LA Restaurant Review: Pete’s Cafe

4th and Main Street is in the Old Bank District. Its not hard to get to and its totally worth it if you want to have a good bite to eat on a hot summer night. Pete’s Cafe and Bar is a downtown classic with a great atmosphere and, rare in downtown, an interesting view.

I happened upon the place with my dad. He was staying in a downtown hotel on business so we met up for dinner. Being a UCLA student, I had no idea what was good in the area so we made concentric circles around the hotel until we found Pete’s. My dad and I get along decently, but not spectacularly. That night, over broccoli soup, we chatted on and on for at least an hour. I suppose thats the benefit of good ambiance. We sat outside at one of the small patio tables that offers a nice view of some older downtown buildings. There’s no way to have a meal there without noticing how beautiful, well-preserved, and culturally valuable all that old architecture must be.

After that visit, I have been back three times, for brunch indoors, and a small bite outdoors. The main dishes are too expensive for anyone with student loans, so I usually get a small soup or some desert. Or I get the Mac and Cheese, because it’s probably the best I’ve ever had.

On a warm or even cool night, Pete’s is one of the few places I automatically think of visiting.

Pete’s Website and Menus

Fascinating Buildings in LA

Pictures galore, under the cut:

Pete’s outdoors:

Pete’s indoors:

Just down the street (Main and 5th), the Rosslyn Hotel:

Main St and 4th, historic:

Old Bank District:

Many photos courtesy of the Blogdowntown Flickr Pool


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