NBA Team Needs

In light of Danny’s excellent Mock Drafts, I decided it would be good to supplement our resources with a listing of the main needs of every team going into this offseason. I’m going to update this by division, starting with the Atlantic.



Boston: PJ Brown is probably done after this year, and Kendrick Perkins can’t stay healthy. Picking up a backup center or focusing on a backup SG would be good ideas. If they win the championship, Cassell might retire and create another area of need.

Toronto: An interior defensive presence. A Kurt Thomas type player to match up with the elite PFs and Cs in the league.

Philadelphia: They need to replace Willie Green and sort out their 2-4 spots. Iguodala and Young should be starters at two of those three spots, so whether its getting an athletic PF or a quality SG, the team needs to sort out this mess.

New Jersey: They have adequate talent at the PG, PF, and C spot (if they resign Diop), so trading Jefferson or Vince Carter would be their best move. If thats not possible, the team should focus on adding depth at the SG position. Trenton Hassell just isn’t going to cut it.

New York: A legitimate point guard, or a real center. If they can bite the bullet and bench Eddy Curry, then they should focus on acquiring a real center who actually fits with Zach Randolph. If they can’t bear to sit Eddy Curry, then the priority should be to focus on acquiring a real PG who can shoot, defend, and distribute the ball. An Andre Miller type would go a long way to stabilizing the team. So would banishing Isiah Thomas from the state of New York.


Detroit: Theo Ratliff has said he’d like to return next year, but he’s not exactly a model of health or consistency. With that in mind, the Pistons might consider adding some depth at the Center position.

Cleveland: A SG who can defend and shoot. So not Wally Sczerbiak (who can’t defend) and not Daniel Gibson (who also can’t defend).

Chicago: Interior scoring from a legitimate center. Aaron Gray should be able to contribute next season, but he will need someone to help him out.

Indiana: A backup point guard so that when Jamaal Tinsley inevitably gets hurt, the team doesn’t fall out of playoff contention. A SG would be nice too.

Milwaukee: If Yi is going to be the future PF of the team, they need a tough and aggressive player at SF. Yi and Bogut aren’t the most aggressive or defensively gifted players on the team, so the future SF will need to make up for those inadequacies.


Orlando: Orlando is in desperate need of a point guard. Re-signing Jameer Nelson after finding out he couldn’t match up with most NBA point guards was a gigantic mistake, and its hurting the team more than its lack of a true PF. If, by some miracle, Orlando can find a real point guard, I’d be willing to consider them a real contender in the Eastern Conference.

Washington: Its hard to know what will happen with Antawn Jameson and Gilbert Arenas. If Arenas goes, PG is the priority. But if he stays, the priority of the team should be to find a legit center, which they haven’t had in ages. Andray Blatche has matured greatly, but he should be a PF, and if they can find a quality C, they’d probably survive losing Jameson and starting Blatche.

Atlanta: If they can keep Josh Smith, their priority should be finding a new coach. Mike Woodson has failed to maximize the enormous talent of the team, and replacing him will be the first step to legitimacy. Besides Smith, Josh Childress should also be re-signed, and the team should be actively looking for depth at the center position.

Charlotte: Another team in need of new coaching. Sam Vincent probably lost this team at least a handful of games by insisting that Jeff McInnis start at PG and that Raymond Felton move to SG. Not that Felton is back at PG, he is playing much better and the team has started to win more games. Besides the coach, the team should be looking to add a starting quality center so Nazr Mohammed can go back to playing a bench role.

Miami: Though PG would be a good idea here, Miami seems to be in far greater need of a true Center (Michael Beasley is not a center). Udonis Haslem plays well alongside scoring Cs, and it would be most efficient to procure a center to maximize Haslem’s talents too. Wade can and has succeeded at the PG spot, and maybe taking the role of distributor instead of scorer will help him save his health.



Seattle: This team needs an elite PF, C, SG, of PG. But I’d go in that order. Jeff Green and Kevin Durant essentially play the same position, but everything else is up for grabs. I like Earl Watson and Chris Wilcox, but that’s it, and they shouldn’t necessarily be starters.

Portland: This one’s easy: they need a SF. A clear PG would be good too, but SF is the priority here.

Minnesota: Someone to pair with Al Jefferson. If that can’t be a C, a defensive and athletic PF would be good. And whatever it takes to make Marko Jaric a bench-only player.

Denver: This team needs a purely distributional point guard, but short of a complete overhaul I doubt they will get substantially better or worse than they are right now.

Utah: A defensive C to use when Mehmet Okur is over-matched against the leagues most mediocre centers.


Los Angeles Lakers: They only have one SG on roster. Granted he’s the best in the league, but adding a backup would be nice anyways.

Golden State: A tough veteran center to spell Beidrins when the Warriors face teams like the Spurs and Lakers.

Phoenix: A backup PG, SG, SF, PF, and C. In that order. Jeez, this team is thin.

Sacramento: A legit PF to go with Spencer Hawes. This team has lacked a quality PF for a while, and that is more important than replacing Beno Udrih, who is playing very well.

Los Angeles Clippers: PG, SG. They are set from SF – C with Al Thornton, Elton Brand (if he re-signs), and Chris Kaman, but there’s nobody else of value on the team.


San Antonio: Kurt Thomas is expiring, and Brent Barry, Michael Finley, and Bruce Bowen are getting very old. Ime Udoka will help, but wing depth is a must, provided that the team re-signs Thomas or brings a big man back from Europe.

Houston: A backup center is obviously a big need here, since Yao can’t stay healthy. Also, sorting out the PG situation would help.

New Orleans: SG is the only position that stands out, besides big-man depth.

Dallas: A center! Erick Dampier doesn’t count! To maximize Jason Kidd’s potential, the team will need to run, so an athletic Sean Williams type would work well.

Memphis:  I like Rudy Gay as a SF more than a PF, so an aggressive scorer to pair with Darko would be nice.


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