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Framework of a Franchise- Memphis Grizzlies

Maybe FA's would go to their real home... Rudy Homosexual Tenessee = Big Country

Where they are now: Well, the Grizzlies are bad- really bad. It is simply astonishing how fast an underrated franchise that made the playoffs two years ago went down the tubes. The Gasol trade left them with very few legitimate pieces and what essentially amounts to a blank slate except for the PG position and Rudy Gay. That said, they do have some pieces which could end up being on the long-term vision of the franchise in Rudy Homosexual, Mike Conley, the underrated Kyle Lowry (say it all, like Theo Ratliff’s Expiring Contract (TM)), Hakim “The Syracuse Dream” Warrick and even the charismatic enigma that is Darko Milicic. The other significant player that they have is Mike Miller, who could be a part of a team in a fast rebuilding and is also one of the few movable pieces that other teams actually have an interest in. It’s also important to mention that they have Juan Carlos Navarro and Javaris Crittenton on roster as well.

The Timetable of Contention: Realistically, it will take at least two years to procure the talent necessary for this team to be competitive, especially in the most viscous division in professional sports. Luckily, they have a massive amount of cap flexibility in that time period, so I’ll set their timetable at 2012-2015, starting a year after the core roster is set and has time to gel. Continue reading


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Rising Down Cover Art

The Roots: Rising Down
April 29th:
Tracklisting is at The Rap Up.

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10 G’s.


We’d like to say we saw this coming, but it has been a true surprise to see our blog grow so quickly:

Vegan Fish Tacos reached 10,000 hits.

The blog has recently undergone some stylistic changes and we are hoping to introduce more in the near future. We are also planning on releasing some music and special posts in the coming week to celebrate our first real milestone. Anyways, we’re really looking forward to our next 10,000, and hope you return many times over between now and then.

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