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Breaking down the Bracket

I’ll go through each region in order of the #1 seeds

-North Carolina got an absolutely insane bracket for the #1 overall seed. Tennessee is a very good team, Indiana is the most talented 8-seed I can remember, and they have a ton of battle tested teams in the region as a while (Wazzu, Butler, etc).
-How is Butler a 7-seed? They are much, much better than that and playing South Alabama in Birmingham, Alabama. 4 starting seniors and battle-tested. Watch out!

-Lots of fascinating teams in this bracket, including my favorite #4 and #5 seeds in Pitt and Michigan State.
-Stanford’s biggest weakness is playing against athletic guards, and they have Marquette, Kentucky, and Texas in the bottom half of the bracket. Hard for a 3-seed to swallow.

-UCLA has the easiest road (but by no means easy) to the Final 4 of any 1-seed.
-The bottom part of the bracket will be some compelling stuff, with Purdue, West Virginia, Duke, Xavier, and Arizona all having a chance to come out of it (and that’s them in order of likelihood to in my mind)

-Kansas has some pretty nice match-ups throughout the early rounds, though Vandy could be a very tough one for them.
-Wisconsin is a very good team who deserved a 2-seed much more than Duke. That said, they should be able to make the Sweet 16 without issue.
-The Gonzaga/Davidson winner vs. Georgetown second round game could be phenominal.
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stat-watch: hair patch edition

drew gooden has horrible taste, especially in terms of hair.

but he also had a great stat line the other night, against Philadelphia.

16 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals, 3 blocked shots.

but he still looks like this:

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