Oakland Raiders Pre-Draft Notes:

March 17 Update:

Given the free agent transactions that have occurred to date, we can speculate as to the ideal draft strategy that the Raiders should take in the draft. Now that the D’Angelo Hall trade is all but done, the Raiders will have the 4th pick and then will skip two rounds before picking again.

1: Take that classic DT. Dorsey or Ellis both work fine. Lest we forget, the Raiders can’t stop the run. These big boys should help shore up the interior defense and should provide Tommy Kelly with the ability to play outside at DE and earn that huge paycheck.

2: Focus on the Offensive Line. Justin Fargas can’t earn his paycheck without a competent offensive line, and Tom Cable should be given the opportunity to select his ideal linemen through this draft. Whether or not Jeremy Newberry returns, we need a good potential starter at the Center position, and I don’t believe that Jake Grove is it. Additionally, the entire line would benefit from better depth.

3. Wide Receiver is now taken care of, as is safety. That being said, there are no more gaping deficiencies in the team, so I’d simply add depth across the board.


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