Who’ll be John McCain’s running mate?

Update 3/21 – Michael Steele’s name was floated by reader biyts1. After looking over his credentials, I certainly think he’s qualified, but I wouldn’t even begin to predict how that would affect the conversation about race in the upcoming months. Certainly an intriguing choice.

See our full list after the cut.

Update 3/3 – Tom Ridge’s name has been floated a few times now. He would seem to fit in with Senator McCain but doesn’t exactly bring much else to the table.

Update 2/19 – Charlie Crist is becoming the early consensus. So to be perfectly honest, you can bet good money it won’t be him.

Reader Ehunt offers the unique idea of Colin Powell as a possible running mate for John McCain. It would be intriguing to say the least, but some might find the two individuals to be highly overlapping. While Powell is strong, principled, and talented, he doesn’t exactly appeal to what conservatives feel are McCain’s weakest categories. However, his name recognition, level of respect, and public popularity might significantly help the McCani campaign.

More updates, from Mark Ambinder:

1. Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN)
2. Gov. John Huntsman (R-UT)
3. Sen. John Thune (R-SD)
4. Ex-Sen. Fred Thompson
5. Ex-Sen. George Allen
6. Gov. Bobby Jindall (R-LA)
7. Mike Huckabee
8. Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL)
9. Mitt Romney

also in the mix…

Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK)
Ex-Rep. Rob Portman
Ex-Rep. John Kasich
Sen. KBH (R-TX)
Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC)
Ex-Gov. John Engler (R-MI)
Fred Smith (Fedex CEO, war hero)
Rudy Giuliani
Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS)

Some updates: Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman.

This is a question I find very difficult to answer. I guess the candidates for this position will come from two main pools: governors or former GOP contenders:

Of these contenders, I don’t think he’d stoop so low to let Huckabee onto his ticket, but if he did he’d ensure that he could pull the Christian south. His history with Romney precludes him, Giuliani would be a negative to the campaign, and Ron Paul will probably run as a third party candidate. That leaves Fred Thompson, who could be one of those Dick Cheney type vice presidents.

To me, none of those options are particularly good.

Of Republican governors, Charlie Crist from Florida and Rick Perry from Texas are possible candidates, but no other governor seems to stand out much.

This entry will of course be updated as things progress and more information is known. And we’ll also be doing a democratic version sometime down the line.



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8 responses to “Who’ll be John McCain’s running mate?

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  2. ehunt41817

    presidency and show that the Republican party still has something worthwile to offer ot ordinary people in this country

  3. ehunt41817

    On a more serious note, I am wondering who John McCain will select as a running mate. Getting away from all of those Southern and midwestern state governors (including Huckabee-who I feel was being unrealistic when he suggested doing away with the IRS completely) , I am wondering if McCain will ask Colin Powell to join him on the Republican ticket. While former Secretary of State (and former general) Powell resigned his position in the Bush cabinet, distancing himself from Rumsfeld, Cheney, and other republicans under scrutiny, I am wondering if Powell would be willing to associate himself with the likes of McCain. Since Colin Powell is a respected public figure who embodies the ideals of integrity, character, and common decency, it would certainly be a test of whether the new Republican party under McCain could offer America something worth embracing. If such an offer were extended to Colin Powell and he actually accepted, that would lend alot of credence to McCain’s bid for the presidency and show that the Republican party still has something worthwhile to offer ordinary people in this country.

  4. Zakk Wylde all the way for McCain’s VP. Imagine that. McCain/Wylde. Probably 2 words that haven’t been said in the same sentence for at least 20 years.

  5. biyts1

    What about Michael Steele?

    Michael Steele is brilliant! and I think Michael Steele will make a great vice president .

    I want to hear one valid reason why he is not qualified!!!!

  6. Jay

    I wouldn’t know of a reason why Michael Steele isn’t qualified, but I know not many people (myself included) know much if anything about him. But I’ll check him out. And thanks for the tip.

  7. maverick7

    Would be a “win win”…..John Crowley….who hit the pavement with a roar when he was asked to enter New Jersey primary as Republican candidate against the Democrats; i.e., Lautenberg. The press was unbelievable. He is well versed and educated in politics, a Navy man, a young intelligent, charasmatic NEW IDEA…. would be received with great enthusiasm….can well prove his capability…will capture the “young” vote that the Republicans so sorely need………

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