Donald Sterling, LA’s Worst.

a manipulative ad by Donald Sterling, snagged from LA Weekly

Donald Sterling is the worst person in Los Angeles.

Most people know him simply as the scrooge owner of the Los Angeles Clippers who at every turn has sacrificed his players and fans for higher profits. But he is far worse:

As a real-estate developer he has engaged in repeated racially discriminatory housing practices and as an individual he has admitted to paying for sexual favors and has been embroiled in a long term scandal surrounding his high priced extra-marital affair.

And now comes this expose from LA Weekly, in which Donald Sterling, the self proclaimed real estate mogul of Los Angeles, has set up a sham homeless services program in order to boost his public image, taking out misleading advertisements in the LA Times and faking the care and concern for our city’s homeless crisis that is vitally necessary if we are ever to solve this humanitarian disaster.

I simply can’t say enough to describe the shallow and insipid behavior of man. And since Patrick Range McDonald, the article’s author, explains Sterling’s guise with such stunning clarity I will simply say that at the conclusion of his piece you are likely to feel more than queasy as you reflect upon the monstrous, greedy, and inhumane creature described in this article.

As far as I’m concerned, he is, hands down, the worst our city has to offer. How’s that for boosting your public image, Donald?

(pics from LA Weekly. )


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