Kansas upping their offer to Bill Self is the best thing for both parties

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Running under the logic that Bill Self has at least some desire to go back to his alma mater, the ever-changing situation makes for great storylines. If I were Bill Self, I’d want to go back to OSU (if he likes Stillwater, and it seems he does) because he has nothing more to prove at Kansas and there’s no greater thrill in coaching than rebuilding your alma mater and succeeding. He’d be a bigger legend at OSU than Sutton if he can pull it off.

What Kansas upping their offer does is change the discussion: at the present time, some dumb media types (Gene Wojciechowski) want to classify him as a “sell-out”. Assuming Self would prefer the OSU job, these complaints lose alot of their teeth, which obviously affects his standing with the clinically retarded members of the media who think that rebuilding your alma mater isn’t the reason to leave another spot where you have nothing to prove.

Interestingly, it also helps Kansas’ rep in a way, since it will show their boosters and fans that they fought hard to keep Self (which is a damn good idea since he’s a hero there now) and they lost out because Oklahoma State had advantages that they could never have. In a way, it could parallel Pitt losing Ben Howland to UCLA, where Pitt never really had a chance to keep him from his dream job. No matter what, the current national champion’s rep will not be tarnished, but working to keep Self can only help in the eyes of their constituency.


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One response to “Kansas upping their offer to Bill Self is the best thing for both parties

  1. The Free Agent

    Bill Self is a great coach and I agree that its perfectly fine for him to head to OSU especially since that’s his alma mater. But the amount of money that OSU plans on giving him is just too much for any coach to refuse to their alma amter


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