OH SNAP: Clinton pauses to think before deciding whether to further destroy the Democratic Party!

Update: No, No, she’s staying in. Reality is but a fly on her windshield.

Senator Hillary Clinton has canceled her Wednesday schedule. Does she just need a day off, or is she seriously considering conceding? Its sad at this point that we can’t reasonably tell the difference.

There’s absolutely no need to restate these facts, but again for the record:

1. She can’t catch up with Obama (she hasn’t been able to for a while).

2. The only way she can get more delegates is through privately pursuading super-delegates (not very democratic).

3. Her only viable approach to the nomination would therefore have to be non-democratic, since even by thoroughly destroying Obama’s character, she won’t earn any more votes until she back-door deals the super-delegates.

Why is it taking so long to realize that this is a disastrous course of action?


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