RIP Tim Russert

Sometimes, things hit you harder than you ever could have thought.
This is one of those times.

We\'ll miss you, Tim

In my family, Meet the Press was an institution. My two loves are politics and sports, which made Sundays very interesting year-round. While he has been much maligned by the left in recent years, Mr. Russert was an integral part in keeping parties on all sides on their toes.

In the end, I immediately thought of two things:
1. Meet the Press

2. During the debacle that was the ABC “debate”, I looked over to my mom and said “I wish Tim Russert was there”, with solemn agreement. That was the last time we talked about him explicitly, but it sure seems to fit what he meant.

What makes this particularly painful is that the political world loses Tim right before an election with the candidate with the greatest potential of “Gotcha” moments that were such a big part of his persona and legacy, especially in recent years. I feel that how we have to pay homage to such a genuine and passionate man is to continue his legacy by making sure all candidates are held 100% accountable to their statements and anything that I can do to make the American people see doublespeak when present.

Rest in peace Tim, and my heart goes out to your co-workers, friends, and especially your family.


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