What’s Hot: Invincible’s ShapeShifters

The first time I saw Invincible was at UCLA’s first Hip Hop for Palestine concert, two years ago. She is the kind of MC that brings me back to why I like hip hop, writing about important issues and shunning gimmicks to make her music. On the strength of her performance, I bought the “Free the P” album, and learned to love Suheir Hammad, Ragtop, and the rest of the Arab Hip Hop community producing quality hip hop.

Invincible often works with Wajeed from Bling47, and is now a part of the ANOMALIES, a NY based hip hop outfit. Bling47 put out a special podcast for the release of her new album, which you can find here. Invincible spurned numerous record deals in favor of keeping her brash style and creative control, and it has paid off with her first full-length release, “ShapeShifters.” She was recently featured on The Smoking Section, and had a 2 part docu-music-video about the crumbling of Detroit featured on Current.tv (Part 1, Part 2).

Cop the single “Sledgehammer” here, preview “People not Places,” and get on ITunes to buy the whole record, “Shapeshifters” asap. She’s a unique MC and represents the branch part of hip hop that keeps this music legitimate. Keep up with Invincible through her website, Emergence.


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