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Revisiting Democratic Primary Rules

Post bumped from early October:

Simple conclusions from this political season:

More competitive primaries = A stronger foundation in more states, and more engaged red state Democrats.

Stronger foundation in more states = Easier to run the 50 state strategy

50 state strategy = Stretches Republicans, forces them to defend their base, favors the small donation large number of volunteers style the Democrats, not the big money small number of people style of the Republicans.

And the result of all this? Sarah Palin making campaign stops in Nebraska in the last 40 days of the campaign.

I’m not sure there’s a stronger case to be made for the adoption of new party rules to make the Democratic primaries more competetive. As long as the party remains united, and it has (anyone still hearing about those PUMAs?), a longer and more competetive primary is extremely healthy for the party. You can’t be lucky if you’re not present, and having a presence in Nebraska and Georgia and North Carolina and Missouri and Georgia has made a huge difference this time around, enabling the Obama campaign to capitalize on current events and send the McCain campaign reeling. This is how the party should be thinking and operating in the future. This is how we win elections.

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