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Sonny Rollins, Colossus of Jazz

Sonny Rollins is a true stalwart of American Jazz. He is known as the Saxophone Collosus not just for his commanding presence (Rollins is actually quite tall) but for his decades long contributions to Jazz and his stature as a musician. His career has been an illustrious one and even at an advanced age he performs for packed audiences. His most famous performance of late was in Boston shortly after 9/11. Rollins had lived near the World Trade Center and was forced to evacuate with only his saxophone in hand. The show was recorded and released as “Without a Song – The 9/11 Concert,” and earned him a new round of praise and awards. His earlier albums (“The Bridge” and “Saxophone Collosus”) are real classics, and his music is particularly fitting for the fall season. 

Sonny Rollins – St. Thomas

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