Subway Maps – Lisbon, Portugal

Los Angeles is currently developing plans for massive subway expansion. The “subway to the sea” as it is called, might be built in our lifetimes if we are so lucky. I have my own thoughts on the proposals, but until I get around to posting that, I’d like to post maps of subways in other cities, to get a feel for how they’ve done things and what Los Angeles might try to emulate.

The first in this set is Lisbon, Portugal, which I have actually been to and used this summer. It is a wonderful system and each stop has a very distinct personality. Their subway is very well run and fast, and I really enjoyed being able to explore Lisbon without spending much money. I am not sure what it is like for every day commuters or if it adequately covers all areas of the city, but for my purposes, it was wonderful. Here it is, with expansion plans in lighter colors:
Courtesy of
Courtesy of

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