The Youtube question

I’m putting this on the site for posterity just in case Bill Simmons (or some other writer) tries to use it and take credit for it. [Not that he would do that sort of thing, but I like having insurance].

Here is the question: What moment of your life would make for the best Youtube clip?

The rules:
1. The hypothetical clip would have to be continuous, so the length must be relatively short (I’d use 2 minutes as a basic guideline), though you can imagine camera work.

2. You must be involved in a personal way- no “I was there when Phelps won his seventh gold medal” BS.

There could be a decency requirement since it is Youtube, but I’ll waive it if the story is good enough, since I’m not employed by Disney.

Having thought about the question for a little while now, I have come up with the three that I think are my best.
#3- While playing in a casual indoor soccer game in an elementary school gym, I somehow took a shot which ended up ricocheting and hitting me square in the groin. Hans Moleman would be proud.

#2- I was standing on the promo truck for a Westwood restaurant (illegally) during the Mr. & Mrs. Smith premiere. At one point, Lindsay Lohan walked by. Keep in mind, this is right around the time when Miss Lohan went from bombshell to skeletor (long before her current drama). Out of sheer impulse, I yell in my obscenely loud voice “Put the weight back on Lindsay!”. For some reason, the crowd had almost completely shut up, so it was heard by a huge group of people, who all stopped, gasped almost in unison, and then a group of them clapped in approval. Weeks later, Lindsay did the Vanity Fair shoot when she looked much, much better. I take full credit.

#1- For some people, this will take alot of thought but it was somewhat easy for me. I was a seatfiller for a Drug Policy Alliance benefit in LA while a student at UCLA- it was a great event. They had some celebrities speak and some comics did bits as well. Jeffrey Ross was particularly great (as he always is as a stand-up), and most of the other people were solid as well. After the event was over, I wanted to compliment Ross on the set he had done since everyone was just milling around enjoying the food and company.  As people start to move around, I see that he is standing with someone else, so I walk over and say “Nice set Jeffrey”. He says thanks and Andy Dick (the person next to him) says “What about me?” Andy’s bit had been a trainwreck, so I paused, took a step back, and said “Great set Jeff”, turned around and walked away to the sound of Jeffrey Ross laughing uncontrollably and I turn back just long enough to see the look of sheer disdain on Andy Dick’s face.


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3 responses to “The Youtube question

  1. tripcasey

    Hi guys,

    I found your blog around a week or so ago, and I just wanted to say I really enjoy reading it.

    I found it because of the great basketball articles, but I really enjoy the politics and the wide range of topics that you cover.

    The You Tube question is a really cool idea. I may post my moments later, after I think about it a bit.

    Later, Trip (Spurs Daily)

  2. rkurwa

    Hey Trip,

    Thanks for the encouragement, I’m glad you enjoy our blog. We’ll try to keep it interesting going forward, and hopefully we’ll drop some more NBA stuff soon.

    Thanks again,

  3. dantheman85x

    Ha! An Andy Dick and Lindsay Lohan diss. Definitely a good top two.

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