The Israelis understand the Palestinian cause, they just don’t act like it.

In 1967, Israelis understood that blockading a country deserved a military response:

The Israeli Knesset justified its original invasion of Gaza in 1967 by claiming that it was in response to an Egyptian blockade. In its own history of the subject, the Israeli government repeatedly claimed that a blockade was causus belli, a justification for war. (h/t to the Angry Arab)

A decade ago, Defense Minister Ehud Barak clearly understood the Palestinian resistance:

Ten years ago, Ehud Barak responded to the question “What would you do if you were born a Palestinian?” by saying “I would join a terror organization.” Today Barak is the Israeli Defense Minister, and the man who planned and ordered the bombing and invasion of Gaza.

And today, even conservative Israeli students understand the plight of their counterparts:

“One student, who had expressed rather conservative, accepted opinions – that is opinions tending slightly to the right – succeeded in surprising me. Without any provocation on my part, he opened his heart and confessed: “If I were a young Palestinian,” he said, “I’d fight the Jews fiercely, even by means of terror. Anyone who says anything different is telling you lies.”” – From Yossri Sadri’s article in Haaretz.

Somewhere deep down I’m sure that a vast majority of Israelis would agree with each of those statements. Somewhere deep down American politicians understand that they would act in much the same way as the Palestinians have. Somewhere deep down there is empathy in their hearts. Somewhere deep down there is a foundation for peace.

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