Non-Violence in Palestine


Until watching this video (originally posted by Philip Weiss), I was unaware of Machsom Watch, a Jewish Women’s organization that monitors/bears witness to the checkpoints. Maschom is Hebrew for checkpoint. Please check them out on their website, or learn more on their Wikipedia page

Here is a woman from Maschom Watch who narrates her letter to President Obama, accompanied by pictures and footage from the checkpoints:


Note to Jonathan Zasloff

Please do not mistake the presence of a violent resistance for the absence of a peaceful one:

Tianamen, today.

Despite the degree of difficulty associated with non-violent resistance against a force that you are almost entirely cut off from, there is a strong tide of non-violent resistance in Palestine.

Here is a list that I made from my own memories and a google/wikipedia search: 

International Solidarity Movement  (Remember Rachel Corrie)

Committee Against House Demolitions (more from the Israeli side, but many Palestinians still take part, particularly the ones whose houses are being demolished)

Stop the Wall

Mass Resistance to Air Strikes

The Free Gaza Movement (attempting to sail boats laden with supplies through the blockade)

The divestment and economic boycott movements

International Women’s Peace Service

The Right of Re-Entry

Birzeit University’s Right to Education Campaign

Open Bethlehem

Non-violent resistance in Bilin village

Here are some other sources that document current events or provide a historical summary of non-violent resistance in Palestine:

Anna Baltzer’s reports from Palestine,

IfAmericansKnew devotes a page to non-violent resistance in the occupied territories,

The Palestine Monitor sums recent efforts and the Israeli response,

Qusimyeh has provided a thorough history of Palestinian non-violent resistance,

and best of all, The Palestine News Network has an entire section devoted to articles on non-violent resistance, with dozens listed in just the past few weeks and updates daily.

You know, if I could read a shred of Arabic, or knew where to look besides a google search, or asked someone more knowledgable about Palestine, I’m sure I could find far more and far better examples of Palestinian non-violent resitance. But I think I’ve made my point. 


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2 responses to “Non-Violence in Palestine

  1. jzasloff

    Hello Rahim–

    I didn’t intend to suggest that there was no nonviolent protest in the territories. I was only suggesting that those who defend Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists with the idea that it is a natural or understandable response to occupation are very wrong.

    We might look at the flip side on this: Israelis are (justifiably in my view) afraid for their security. But that does not excuse the settlement policy (which at least used to have a supposed security component), the use of torture, house demolitions, bypass roads, etc.

    Happy to talk to more about this if you are still in Los Angeles — or even not.

    Jonathan Zasloff

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