The Strength of Palestinian Children

Watch this child talk about life under the occupation. He is probably 5 or 6 years old, no older than 7. I have pasted a rough translation afterwards. 

“We want the world to come and see us and see our children, how they are locked in the classrooms (UNRWA Schools) sitting on the floor without mattresses or blankets. No food, no water, no electricity, is it a life? It is a siege, this is the biggest siege for Israel. 

Come and see how we are all living, thrown aside. We dont play we dont laugh, we can’t learn or have fun, also we cant watch TV or cartoon shows. When we open TV, the only thing we see is funerals, death, fire, tanks, shooting and invasions. I dont ever see childrens TV shows or cartoons to watch and enjoy and learn from. Its all about seige its all about the invasion and watching the shooting.

No food, no water, no drink, there is nothing. We are thrown aside like beggars. While other people are living in peace, playing lauging and happy, we are under seige, we have been under seige for almost 2 years, we dont eat drink we dont do anything.

They wont even open the borders to let in a little bit of food or anything else.”



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3 responses to “The Strength of Palestinian Children

  1. dantheman85x

    I’m becoming a little less inclined to check out the blog these days… it’s all on a horrible subject.

    No NBA talk anymore?

  2. rkurwa

    Hey Dan,

    Don’t worry, Danny is preparing some NBA Draft stuff that we are hoping to drop by the end of the weekend. Sorry to be a bit of a downer recently, but this subject is really close to the heart for me.

    Thanks for your readership and I hope we keep it in the future,

  3. dantheman85x

    I’ll keep coming back… don’t worry.

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