This plan looks better by the hour.

Professor Zasloff on the stimulus:

Obama: “Take it or leave it, I can always resubmit is as part of my budget, which you can’t filibuster.”

It seems like the prudent thing to do in situations like this is write the ideal proposal with specific cutable sections (that you’d love to have, but can always resubmit as separate legislation), and pass it without debate in the House. When it goes to the Senate, and the raise their typical fuss, offer to be a nice guy and cut out the parts you wrote specifically to get their attention, the parts that you never really intended as part of your stimulus. Then, when you’ve finished playing the statesman and their whining starts to look riduculous, have them vote on it.  

I’m not sure to what extent this strategy has been employed, because it seems like Obama didn’t have a specific set of givebacks ready for the inevitable Republican bitching.

Unless, of course, he really doesn’t give a damn about mass transit and carbon emissions. 


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