What’s the goal of these tax cuts?

More tax cuts in the stimulus? And at the expense of more efficient and stimulative spending? It really begs the question, how much is enough? Its strange that on their only real platform, Republicans have never explained their vision. At what point will taxes be low enough that they are no longer the first and only priority of the Republican party? For example, as an alternative, I can tell you exactly what I want to see in terms of spending on health care, which would be to stop spending once everyone is adequately covered (which is actually not that expensive considering that many other developed countries are still functioning even while offering their citizens universal health care). And I’d be satisfied with federal funding for things like schools when kids who are eligible and interested in college can actually afford to go to schools worth their academic potential. But when it comes to the biggest priority of Republican legislators, they have never explained the goal of the tax cuts they never stop asking for.  So isn’t it time we stopped listening? 



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2 responses to “What’s the goal of these tax cuts?

  1. conservativerevival

    There are two ideas that are incorrect in your post. First of all there is no efficent spending in goverment. Even you could do a better job stimulating the economy with more money in your own pocket. Goverment takes money from the private sector. If you look at unemployment numbers compared to goverment spending as a percent of the GDP you will see that when goverment spending goes up, unemployment numbers go up. When spending drops, unemployment numbers drop. This is because the private sector creates jobs that last, not goverment.
    The second issue is your perception of health care coverage. You believe that it is a right, a requirement that must be met. I believe it is a choice of the individual. If your employeer does not offer benefits, get yourself trained for a better job. There are plenty of bare bones managed care plans available that you can purchase to self insure. If you can’t afford the cost because your lifestyle puts you into a high risk category, then quit smoking. Quit drinking. Get off your butt and exercise. The Bill of Rights does not list healthcare as a right.

  2. rkurwa

    Its fine to think I’m wrong for believing that health care is a right, but you are not answering my question.

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