My correction on “On The Media”

I regularly listen to On The Media, its a fantastic public radio show that critically analyzes journalism and the state of the media. But recently I was taken aback by a flippant comment made by the usually accurate Bob Garfield. Here’s what he said:

BOB GARFIELD: Houdaiby, like Danish imam Chendid, takes pains to distinguish between free speech and insults, which he says are inexcusable. This prompts me to inquire about a double standard: What of the insults routinely hurled by Muslim clerics, politicians and mobs towards Christians and Jews?

What does he think, for instance, of Palestinian schoolchildren being taught that Jews are apes and pigs?

This claim about Palestinian textbooks has been thoroughly disproven using impartial sources. So I wrote to correct him, using a post from Lawrence of Cyberia as reference, and to my great happiness, he acknowledged the error

BOB GARFIELD: In response to our story, War of the Worlds, about free speech, xenophobia and a clash of cultures when it comes to Muslim immigrants in Western society, Rahim Kurwa from California wrote to point out a mistake. What I said in the piece was that Palestinian schoolchildren are taught that Jews are apes and pigs, and I was wrong about that. While we’ve read media reports about isolated instances in which that insult has appeared in Saudi textbooks, we could find no evidence of that in Palestinian ones, which I’d have discovered if I’d only bothered to check. My apologies.

Needless to say, it was pretty cool.

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