A blog about nothing. Contributors are Derrek, Rahim, and Daniel.

Considering the blog is taking off a little bit, it’s time to explain the origin of the blog’s name:

All three of us were UCLA students (Danny and Rahim have since graduated) and early on in the 2005-2006 school year, we would consistently see this gorgeous student at the dining halls, typically at the salad bar. Through random coincidence, we seemed to run into her at other dining halls as well, and she earned the nickname “Beautiful Vegan Woman” for our extended group of friends. Well, this continued for the rest of the school year with decent consistency. Finally, on the last day of school, she was behind us in line at the new eatery (Mexican food and Chinese food). We were waiting for our orders and noticed her in line, then overheard her order fish tacos, thus shattering the “Beautiful Vegan Woman” nickname. It sort of felt like the ending of a Seinfeld episode.

As such, a few years later, Derrek started a blog and thought of calling it Vegan Fish Tacos, and when Rahim and I came on board, we loved the name and stuck with it.

If anyone is wondering about the random DaSagana Diop stuff, that’s because Rahim and I both love the man. Awesome name, great player, and a guy who rose from being a much-maligned draft pick to a valued contributor in the NBA.

2 responses to “About

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    Ps2. I love the NBA talk!

  2. fouledout

    just added your site in my blog roll. u can add me up if it’s cool with you.

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