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Subway Maps – Lisbon, Portugal

Los Angeles is currently developing plans for massive subway expansion. The “subway to the sea” as it is called, might be built in our lifetimes if we are so lucky. I have my own thoughts on the proposals, but until I get around to posting that, I’d like to post maps of subways in other cities, to get a feel for how they’ve done things and what Los Angeles might try to emulate.

The first in this set is Lisbon, Portugal, which I have actually been to and used this summer. It is a wonderful system and each stop has a very distinct personality. Their subway is very well run and fast, and I really enjoyed being able to explore Lisbon without spending much money. I am not sure what it is like for every day commuters or if it adequately covers all areas of the city, but for my purposes, it was wonderful. Here it is, with expansion plans in lighter colors:
Courtesy of UrbanRail.net
Courtesy of UrbanRail.net

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Subway Line means a lot for future UCLA Students

The UCLA/Westwood bubble is a severe impediment to students being able to access and understand Los Angeles. In general, students live only as far away as the Palms neighborhood and eastern Santa Monica, and only drive to visit the city’s hotspots (beaches, clubs etc). Moreover, they do so mostly in their last two years when many move to apartments and bring their cars.  So most Bruins are not likely to explore the rest of the city, which is filled with amazing neighborhoods as well as areas that are crucial to a full social and political understanding of Los Angeles. 

One day, LA will have a functioning subway system, bringing it to par with the worlds best cities. Here are the plans currently bring tossed around:

A huge bonus to UCLA will be that with a subway line in place, accessing the university will be a lot easier from all over the city. Cars won’t be as necessecary to getting around, residency will no longer be restricted to a radius governed by gridlock, and access to areas that are important and often ignored by the student body will become a lot easier. As a former student myself, I can only imagine what a positive effect this might have on the myopia and isolation of many UCLA students. 

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Late Night at the LACMA

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Crazy Gideon’s

Crazy Gideon’s is an award-losing electronics store located in Downtown Los Angeles. Read the Yelp! reviews here, and see all the insane television commercials below:

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do you boogaloo? Thursday Nights at the Short Stop in Echo Park.

DJ O-Dub, DJ Murphy’s Law, and some of their best friends throw down Thursday Nights in Echo Park:

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This is going to be hot:

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Donald Sterling, LA’s Worst.

a manipulative ad by Donald Sterling, snagged from LA Weekly

Donald Sterling is the worst person in Los Angeles.

Most people know him simply as the scrooge owner of the Los Angeles Clippers who at every turn has sacrificed his players and fans for higher profits. But he is far worse:

As a real-estate developer he has engaged in repeated racially discriminatory housing practices and as an individual he has admitted to paying for sexual favors and has been embroiled in a long term scandal surrounding his high priced extra-marital affair.

And now comes this expose from LA Weekly, in which Donald Sterling, the self proclaimed real estate mogul of Los Angeles, has set up a sham homeless services program in order to boost his public image, taking out misleading advertisements in the LA Times and faking the care and concern for our city’s homeless crisis that is vitally necessary if we are ever to solve this humanitarian disaster.

I simply can’t say enough to describe the shallow and insipid behavior of man. And since Patrick Range McDonald, the article’s author, explains Sterling’s guise with such stunning clarity I will simply say that at the conclusion of his piece you are likely to feel more than queasy as you reflect upon the monstrous, greedy, and inhumane creature described in this article.

As far as I’m concerned, he is, hands down, the worst our city has to offer. How’s that for boosting your public image, Donald?

(pics from LA Weekly. )

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