The Wire Season 5 Episode 10 – notes on the finale.

The hype is building. Its gotten so crazy that now even Bill Simmons is on David Simon’s tit. The finale won’t air a week early on HBO On Demand, so we’ll all be sitting on our hands for a while. (scratch that, it leaked online)

Notes that will be randomly updated:

Some final thoughts on the show, in a newer post.

The finale leaked. I found it through a friendly link on the blogroll, but I get the feeling I shouldn’t be bandying it about. How about this instead: there’s no question it will be up on the torrents relatively soon, but if you can’t figure it out, leave a comment and maybe someone else will have the scoop.

I miss Randy. I hope we see him again in some way. This season Cheese has been referred to as Cheese Wagstaff, which is not a coincidence. Cheese is Randy’s dad!

“how my hair look?” well definitely go down as one of the show’s most intense moments.

Levy is in the new Wendy’s commercial, peep it here.



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